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sasha farina

how prettyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Maryangella Haberman

How beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breanne Crawford

ooo that is just lovely!

Katie Squires

wow wow wow wow


wow! this is beautiful! :)


looks beautiful Allison! so elegant!

kerry lynn

they look fantastic a!


They're so neat! I love them, what did you use for the stems??


i can't wait to do this... i am checking the tutorial right now!!! thanks for the inspiration!

heather fuentes

yeah, they look so totally cool with your glass! nice work!


wow!!! these are incredible! :)


That is gorgeous!! :)

angie backen

brilliant. the best part? these flowers will last forever. :)
thanks for the inspiration!

Shirley K.

Cute! I want to try it now.

Denise Laborde

I love this. Just in time for spring!


STUNNING! I think I am going to have to try these!!


Where do you get the wire from?

Sarah Hodgkinson

Whoa. Dude. These rock!


Now the flowers in the garden can stay in the garden and continue making the earth beautiful.





חדרי תינוקות

Beautiful flower designs. It's like awesome with your extra ordinary overlays for a impact. It's use lot of accessories to tie on provides, and use for other little tasks.

כריות הנקה

I always tried a few with our obvious overlays for a awesome impact. I have a lot of accessories to tie on provides, and use for other little tasks.

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