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Ashley N Newell

I love the woodgrain! I think it's spectacular!

Becky Olsen

I am beyond thrilled that you will be sharing your brilliant designs with the world through Echo Park!!
Congrats and best wishes for a very successful relationship!!!

Renee VanEpps

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cursive writing and the journaling cards, what a creative and fun mix! This is probably going to be my fave EP collection, hope you design more for them.

Jessica DeAngelis

I LOVE the journaling cards!!! The colors are fantastic!!

Audrey Yeager

Love that you were able use those lost hambly prints!! My fav is the woodgrain chevron piece and love the stickers, too! Beautiful collection!

Katrina Hunt

the pattern paper for sure!! I love the colorful hexagons and the cloud paper with the "different" colored clouds! Congrats on the new release!!! hugs, Katrina


I love it all. The best part is you still designing! LOVE this so much!

carrie t

I love the chevron hot air balloons! I love this collection and can't wait to get it!!


Gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hands on this collection...I love the mix of my favorite patterns in one collection most of all (woodgrain, chevrons, hexagons, clouds, quatrafoils, doilies, vintage, etc... I hope this is a beginning of a beautiful relationship. Thank you for the chance to win.

Jessica Flores

I love the sticker sheet and the journal cards..I love everything!! And the lost hambly is amazing!!


I would had to say all of them but i like the honeycomb ones cause they are colorful and fun and well i cannot wait until they're out for the rest of this collection


My favorite part: the 2 sheets of journaling cards!!! amazing and super!!!


Can I just say ALL of it?!? I can't wait to get it. I LOVE the journaling cards and the "lost" Hambly sheets!!

Vivian K

The colors and the combination of papers as a whole collection - delicious!

Jennie m

Love. Love. Love. I especially love the color scheme and those hot air balloons!!


Chevrons, Doilies, and Clouds...Oh My!!! I love it all....but I'm really drawn to the smaller print of the 6x6 pad. I can't wait to get my grubby hands on this stuff!!


I love it all, but the 6x6 is perfect for cardmaking


I love the colors and the 6"x6" pad :)


Love this...my favorite would have to be the hot air balloons! Those are one of my husband's favorite things - which is ironic, since he's afraid of heights! ;-)


Such a great line! Love the hot air balloon and the cloud paper!! :o)

Tina Walker

Love the balloons - Balloons always remind of being a kid - they make me smile. :)


The hot air balloons are just fab. I adore the colours.


i love the hexagon paper! so colorful and happy!


Balloons, Clouds, and both Doilies.


Let me start by stating the obvious - IT IS GORGEOUS. Now that I got that out of the way... Hmmm, I really like the concept behind the collection - the beauty we can see on a daily basis if we only open our eyes long and wide enough.

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